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European Project: Inshape

The purpose of the Inshape project is to promote R&D and innovation in sport and physical activity that contribute to active, healthy and sustainable lifestyles in European society.

The aim is to promote innovation and technology initiatives developed by SMEs in the field of sports and vitality. In addition, it seeks to promote an active and healthy lifestyle in the population aimed at reducing the incidence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's and cancer.

The international consortium of the Inshape project is made up of 22 public and private entities from Finland, the Netherlands, Spain and Hungary.

The Inshape plan wants to strengthen the digital economy by developing a high-impact European hub in the area of ​​smart specialization of sports and vitality, which functions as a European competence center for SME initiatives in the fields of sports and technology. Another of its purposes will be to promote the digitalization of services and products in the field of sports and vitality, and improve access to data and financing for the SMEs involved.

4icvesports contribution

The main objective is to promote innovation projects in the field of sport that enable transversal actions to other sectors and business capabilities to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

In this field, the aim is that the companies of the Community can, in turn, develop new pilot projects scalable to a European dimension through consortia and with the participation of other mature international technological nodes and hubs together with other universities and centers. research.

European Project: Sport Innovation Index

This project aims to create a tool to assess the degree of innovation of sport organisations, with the overall goal of helping them to improve their governance, to compare innovative results in time or vis-a-vis with other organisations, to excel in innovation and establish a new state of the art. The sport innovation index will also help public authorities (e.g. municipalities, regions but also ministries of sports) in strengthening and improving their policies in the field of sport innovation.