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What is 4iCV

4icvesport, an association to promote R&D and impact innovation in sport in the Valencian Community, is a non-profit association legally registered in March 2022.

However, 4ivlcesport was born from the work and interest of representatives of the sports ecosystem of the Valencian Community. During the years 2018 and 2019, during the participatory process of preparing the strategic plan for sport of the Generalitat Valenciana and throughout the 4 years that the European Interreg project, Inno4sports, has lasted, numerous sports entities and people have expressed their interest and support for the initiative that brings together the interests of the sector to increase the contribution of sport to socioeconomic development through R&D&I.

Thus, 4icvesport brings together more than 50 representative entities from the business sector, athletes and professionals, the administration and the academic world of the Valencian Community.

4icvesport carries out activities (working groups, innovation days, etc.) to identify needs and problems in the sports sector and seek solutions by promoting synergies between sports entities. These synergies materialize in projects for which financing, both private and public, is sought in regional, national and international calls.

4icvesport has a wide international network that allows it to mobilize European and international projects. We are members of EPSI (European platform for innovation in sport) and Sinn-i (international network for innovation in sport) and we have alliances with universities in Latin America, Africa and Asia.


Iván Salazar

Executive President

Néstor Cervera

Executive Vice-president

Enrique Alcántara

Project Manager

César Iribarren

Board Member

Silvia Rodríguez

Board Member